Sump Pump Basics for Your Kansas City Home
Sump Pump

Sump Pump Basics for Your Kansas City Home


From pedestal and submersible pumps to sewage ejector pumps, sump pumps work to keep water out of the basement or crawl space of your Kansas City area home. Many homes have sump pumps, and considering the heavy rains of late, it’s vital to keep ground water out of these areas, as the build-up of water around your foundation can result in extensive (not to mention expensive) damage. So, what exactly is a sump pump and how does it work? We’ ve provided the basics below to help you understand why this device is so critical to the integrity and protection of your home.

How a sump pump operates

Sump pumps are designed to collect excess ground water and take it away, moving it outside the basement and away from the foundation of your home. While there are various types, the basic operation of all sump pumps is the same. The lowest part of a basement or crawl space is where what is known as a “sump pit” is dug. An underground drain pipe placed around the outside perimeter of the foundation collects water and sends it to the sump pit. Because the hole that has been dug or “sump pit” is lined with gravel at the bottom, excess water can also flow into the pit from the ground underneath your home.

Similar to how a toilet operates, a float system is used in the majority of sump pumps. When the water that has collected in the sump pit gets to a certain level, the float activates the pump so that water is pulled out of the sump pit and taken to the outside by a discharge pipe, away from your home’s foundation.

Electricity powers most sump pumps, so what happens if a severe storm blows through and the power goes out? Heavy rains are often the cause of water build-up in the basement or crawl space, so it’s a good idea to consider a backup sump pump. These devices are powered by either battery or water, and can work to carry excess water away even when the power is out!

If you don’t currently have a sump pump installed in your home, you can see how important it is for protecting your home’s foundation, basement, and other components from possible flooding. Of all the elements of nature, water is the most damaging to a home. If you do have a sump pump, be sure to test it regularly to ensure it’s operating properly, especially before spring storms set in.

At Bob Hamilton Plumbing, our expert technicians can help you with sump pump repairs or installation. We’ve been serving the Kansas City Metro for over 30 years, so you can trust your home is in good hands.