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What is the Importance of a Carbon Monoxide Detector?

Do you know the purpose of having a carbon monoxide detector in your home? The CO detector plays a critical safety role by sounding an alarm when CO levels reach an unsafe level. While dangerous CO levels often emanate from your heaters or furnace, it’s also possible to have too much of this toxic gas […]

What Smart Home Thermostat Installation Can Do for You

Besides plumbing and electrical work, Bob Hamilton can help you with smart home thermostat installation that will make an enormous impact on energy costs. It’s also a great way to get much more even air conditioning throughout your home, especially during the times you want it most: peak summer or winter. We’ll preview how modern […]

Everything You Need to Know Before Your Furnace Installation

Getting a new furnace is a big investment and a big home improvement job. Before jumping at the first furnace that looks your way, you’ll need to do some homework. The first and most helpful thing a homeowner can do is to ask the advice of an expert. They will be able to answer any […]

Ways to Save on Heating Costs this Winter

We all want to save money on heating costs, but it can be especially difficult to save during the winter. According to the energy department, the average American family spends upwards of $1400 a year in utility bills. A drafty house, tired old furnace, and leaky windows can all add up to big energy bills […]

Are Your HVAC Habits Causing Your High Utility Bills?

Have you noticed a surge in your utility bills? Do you believe there is something unusual about energy consumption at your home? If the answer is yes, then there may be a few habits you need to let go of, especially when it comes to how you use and maintain your HVAC system. In this […]