Air Filtration can help cut down the Dust, Dander & Pollen

Air Filtration can help cut down the Dust, Dander & Pollen

The Environmental Protection Agency says that your indoor air in your home is even more seriously polluted than the outside air.

This is because as homes become better isolated from the outside, it also traps the air that is in your house and that means your Furnace and AC will be recirculating that air back into your home.

Different types of Filters

There are a few different types of whole home filters, each one can be the right pick for you depending on your needs. They all help reduce the amount of contaminants in your air, making your air cleaner and healthier for you.

Flat Filters

These are the filters you think of when you think of filters. They’re usually 20x20x1 inch filters. They are the most basic of all of the choices. These you would want to replace every 1-3 months. These filters are more to protect your furnace from the bigger particles that can be floating in your air; they will not protect you from the smaller particles, so if you have allergies, then these will not help.

Extended Media Filters

An extended media filter is almost the same thing as a flat filter. The main difference is that an extended media filter is thicker than your basic filter. Usually these are 5 inches thick compared to the 1 inch of a basic flat filter. This type of air filtration system does require a professional to install the first time, because they need to change your ductwork slightly to fit it for your system. These you can let set for about a year before you need to replace them.

Electronic Filters

Just like an extended media filter, these will need to be installed by a professional so it can be fitted into your ductwork. These work by giving every particle that passes by it a charge, these charged particles then pass by a negatively charged collector plate. The collector plate will then attract all particles to it much like a magnet. These are the best working air filters because they trap every particle of any size. They also do not have anything that needs to be replaced on them. You just need to clean the collection plate with soap and water every few months.

UV Light Filters

A UV light filter is different from the other filters, because these do not collect any particles. They just kill all airborne bacteria and viruses. So they can be used alongside any of the other filters. Making it more of an add-on to your current system. These use a black light bulb to do the work, so that means the bulb will burn out at some point and need replacement.

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