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Many millennials grew up being told that going to college is the only way that they could get a decent job. However, while going to school is truly great and can provide the education needed to succeed in a variety of careers, it is not for everyone. Jobs in the trades offer an alternative path that can create a stable and rewarding life-long career for those who do not wish to go to school.

The Benefits of the Trade Industry

Jobs in the trade industry include things such as electricians, construction workers, plumbers, welders and many other servicing careers. Each of these trades often hire students from places such as trade and technical schools. However, many companies are also willing to train new employees on the job. This means an alternative to college or school that will still provide a stable career.

Trade jobs are also among the highest paying careers. Technicians and salesmen in these industries who are good at their job can make upwards of six figures a year! On top of that, these jobs offer hands-on and mentally engaging work which can be very satisfying and provide a great sense of pride and achievement.

The good thing about trade industry jobs is that they are always going to be around. People are always going to need things such as electrical, plumbing, or heating and cooling repairs. Gaining skills and experience in these types of jobs will provide life-long job security no matter where you go.

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Bob Hamilton has been a trusted company in the Kansas City area for over 35 years. Our company started with just one person and has grown to include hundreds of employees. This company has been built on the beliefs that we should treat our customers with respect, take care of customer needs with the best work and equipment, and deliver on all of our promises.

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Being a part of Bob Hamilton is a rewarding experience. We hire technicians and salesmen from many different technical schools in the area. We also offer on-the-job training in a variety of positions to those right out of high school or who may not have gone to college. Bob Hamilton partners with each candidate to ensure that their opportunities are aligned with their unique career goals, ensuring that every employee can succeed.

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