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Sump Pump Sub Par?

One of the most neglected parts of any home is the basement. If you are like most homeowners, then you probably avoid going into your basement due to the disorganization that exists. In some areas, basement flooding is a common concern. The only way to keep a basement from flooding is by having a sump pump system installed. This system will pump the water out of a flooded basement and put it on the outside of the home. Without this type of system, a homeowner will struggle when trying to fight off water damage and mold. The following are some of the things that can make your sump pump run sub-par.

No Power Backup In Place

Generally, a sump pump will have to be used during bad weather. When strong storms move into an area, they can dump a lot of rain into a basement. If the power goes off, then the sump pump will be unable to function at all. The best way to remedy this issue is by getting a generator that can be used as a power back up. The money invested into a quality generator will pay off when you are able to keep your basement from flooding.

The Sump Pump is Too Small

Before having a sump pump installed, you will need to get some professional guidance regarding what size to get. If the sump pump installed is not the right size, it will be very hard for it to keep up when the basement is flooded. Instead of trying to deal with the fall out that a small sump pump can bring, you will need to work hard to get the right pump installed the first time around.

Improper Installation

Another common problem that can cause a sump pump not to work properly is the fact that it was not installed properly. If a homeowner tries to install this type of pump on their own, they will usually have a variety of issues in the future. The only way you will be able to get your sump pump system installed properly is by finding a plumber with experience. Usually, a plumber will offer a warranty on the work they perform. This means that should a manufacturer defect cause issues with your sump pump, you will be able to get it fixed at no extra cost.

Lack of Maintenance

The next problem that will prohibit your sump pump from working properly is a lack of maintenance. Most manufacturers recommend that you run your sump pump at least every two to three months. Neglecting to run the sump pump can lead to internal damage and lots of problems when a basement gets flooded.

Do you need help getting a quality sump pump in place in your basement? Look no further than Bob Hamilton for all of your sump pump needs. Our team of experienced technicians will be able to get your new sump pump installed and running in no time.