Planting Tips- How to Avoid Damaging Your Mainline

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If you are like most homeowners, then thinking about your sewage mainline is not something you do very often. In most cases, you will only think about this vital part of your sewer system when there are repair issues present. The last thing you want is to have things like tree or plant roots making their way into your mainline. This can cause a lot of damage and will prohibit your plumbing system from working as intended. Read below to find out some vital information regarding how to keep tree and plant roots away from your mainline.

You Need To Know Where Your Sewer Line Is

The first thing you need to know when trying to prevent these types of problems is where your sewer lines are located. If you do not know where the lines are, then you run the risk of causing a lot of damage. The national 811 program is a great way to find out the location of underground utilities with ease. The utility company in your area will help you to pinpoint exactly where the lines are, which will eliminate the guesswork from the planting process.

Creating a Barrier

There are a number of barriers out there that can help to reduce root growth. Using certain slow release chemicals like copper sulfate is a great way to keep tree and plant roots at bay. You will need to spread these chemicals near the location of the sewer line in order for them to work. If you do not want to use chemicals, then burying a metal or wood barrier about six to twelve inches deep should do the trick. Be sure to put these barriers vertically in line with the mainline to ensure they work properly.

Keeping Sewer Safety In Mind When Planting

If you want to avoid issues with roots in your sewer mainline, then you need to plant as far away from their location as possible. In cases where you have to plant near the sewer lines, you will have to select trees with a small root ball. This will help to protect the mainline and allow you to beautify your yard with new trees and shrubs.

Know the Warning Signs

In order to detect roots in your mainline, you will need to get familiar with the warning signs this problem can produce. If you are having frequent clogs and they are becoming increasingly difficult to clear, then you may have root issues. Another sign you may notice when there are roots in your mainline is a gurgling noise in your pipes. The best way to discover these issues early on is by having sewer lines cleaned and inspected on a regular basis.

Avoiding these types of root issues with your sewer mainline is easy when using the right professionals. At Bob Hamilton, you will be able to get the guidance you need to keep your sewer mainline protected and functional for years to come.

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