Kansas City Mainline Service & Main Sewer Line Services


Needing to rooter your plumbing and sewer lines happens from time to time; especially when company is in town. If you notice the need to rooter more frequently, or are having trouble with backups, it could be a sign that there is a larger issue at hand. Our expert technicians are able to identify the root cause to all of your drain problems and offer you multiple solutions that will last longer than your typical rooter service.


When You Have a Backup, how do You Know if it’s Your Mainline or Main Stack?

Many homeowners don’t know that there are some major differences between their mainline and main stack. We have separate departments that handle each.  When you’re having a backup in your home, being able to differentiate your mainline from your main stack could save you time and money.

Your mainline is a horizontal pipe that runs under the ground and outside the home. It carries your home’s drain water to the sewer system or septic tank. Your main stack is a vertical pipe that runs from the roof to the bottom of the home. It typically has a clean-out that leads to the mainline. If you think you’re having issues with your main stack, click here to contact our plumbing department.

Your Mainline

Your Kansas City mainline, or, main sewer line is a crucial part of your home’s plumbing system where all your household drains lead. This line then connects to the city sewer line or a septic tank keeping your house clean and free of wastewater. However, this line can clog causing major problems such as flooding and damage.

What Clogs Mainlines?

The most common culprit are the roots of things such as trees or bushes. These roots seek water from inside the sewer line. They can actually cause damage and breaks in the line so they can get the water inside. If they block the line too much, then the line gets clogged. Even if you snake out the roots, the rate at which they grow back can be less than a week! Another problem could include broken or collapsed pipes that are old and worn down causing a backup. There is also the possibility that the clogs can come from improper use of drains such as putting grease, trash, or large pieces of food down the drains.

Signs Your Mainline Could be Clogged

If you think that your mainline is clogging, you should stay away from any backup or smells. The odors that come from sewage are made up of carbon monoxide which can be toxic to you and your family. It is also important to stop using water until a technician is present as it could be making the problem worse and accumulating in the basement.

Common signals of a mainline clog are:

  • Water or sewage backup
  • Sewer odor
  • Gurgling noises in drains or toilet

If you notice any of these signs that your mainline could be clogged, call Bob Hamilton and schedule an appointment to clear the line and locate the problem today.

How is a Mainline Clog Fixed?

Our Kansas City main sewer line technicians use sewer drain snakes to break up clogs and open the line. However, a clog like this is a sign of a more serious problem. Snaking a main sewer line is only a temporary solution and can be hard on your pipes, but we offer multiple options to permanently prevent roots from coming back. This includes a high-quality camera inspection that can locate the source of the clog. Call Bob Hamilton today for more information.