Kansas City Leak Detectors & Leak Detection System Installation

Leak and Flood Protection Solved.

LeakSmart is advanced Kansas City leak protection done right.

All throughout your home there are sources of potential water leaks. LeakSmart senses a leak and shuts off your water main in 5 seconds or less, protecting you from devastating water damage.


LeakSmart Snap

LeakSmart installs directly on your water main. From there it receives the signal from the sensors to automatically shut off the water to your house’s entire water supply in the event of a leak.

Connect with the LeakSmart Hub

The LeakSmart Hub is the central point of communication. It communicates between the sensors, the shut-off valve, and you. Built-in WiFi now frees the hub from being installed next to your router. Place it anywhere you like in the home for optimal coverage. Thanks to our built-in rechargeable battery, the LeakSmart System will work even if power goes out and our Zigbee protocol ensures it works even if WiFi is down.