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Kansas City Humidifier Installation & Repair

You can protect your health and your home with a whole home humidifier.

Balancing the humidity levels in your home is important to your personal comfort.  But, did you know it would also help preserve your household furnishings?

In our ever-changing Midwest climate, it’s important to maintain the indoor humidity levels in our home.  When winter rolls around the air-dries out.  The resulting dry air brings all sorts of health problems including itchy noses, scratchy throats, cracked lips, dry skin and the health issues that accompany those symptoms.   Dry winter air is also when you get reacquainted with the wonders of static electricity!


Dry air can do severe damage your home, as well.  It can shrink wallpaper, crack paint and cause joints in wood furniture and cabinets to separate and even cause newly installed wood flooring to shrink and crack.

Overly moist air can also cause severe damage throughout your home.  The telltale signs of too much humidity in your home include:  sticky floors, mold or mildew, musty odors, condensation on windows and water pipes or that uncomfortable clammy feeling on your skin. If you experience any of these problems you need dehumidification.

A Humidifier ADDS Moisture To The Air In Your Home

A humidifier installed by the expert technicians at Bob Hamilton quietly and automatically provides humidity in every room of your home.  The humidification system is installed directly in to your heating and air conditioning system and distributes moisture-rich air through the duct and vent system.

These sophisticated units monitor the humidity levels in your home and automatically adjusts settings to assure maximum comfort.

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