Kansas City Furnace Check & KC Furnace Safety Inspection

Here’s A Great Reason to Have Your Furnace Checked

On average, you operate your furnace for approximately 1,200 hours a year.  If you drove your car for 1,200 hours at about 50 miles per hour you’d travel about 60,000 miles.  Without any maintenance, your car would likely breakdown.

Your furnace is the same as your car.  It needs periodic maintenance to keep in running.

Today’s heating systems have parts that wear out, need cleaning and require lubrication and adjustments to run properly, safely and efficiently.  Without this critical maintenance, your furnace is sure to break down.  In fact, without proper maintenance your furnace system is costing you money in increased energy bills.


The best way to keep your furnace running at peak efficiency is to have Bob Hamilton fix the little problems before they become a big emergency.  We do this by performing an annual system check and safety inspection.

You’ll not only notice a more comfortable environment in your home, you’ll save up to 30% on your energy bills.

Schedule your Annual System Check and Safety Inspection, today.