Kansas City Electrical Fixture Repair & Installation Services

Picking out the perfect lights for your newly renovated room can be a lot of fun but what happens when you actually have to install them? Installing fixtures that use electricity can be a tricky and dangerous job if you don’t know what you’re doing. We recommend always hiring a professional, licensed electrician to install anything dealing with electricity.

You can DIY many small repairs but please, don’t attempt to perform your own electrical upgrades or repairs. There’s a lot more that goes into it than twisting a few colored wires together. We’re always happy to come out and lend a hand. Electrical problems are the number one cause of home fires and the person doing the work can be severely injured.


Common Fixture Repair and Installation Hazzards

Frayed Wiring- Frayed wiring can be hard to detect visually. An arc might occur and is an extremely dangerous fire hazard. If you find or suspect any frayed wiring, call us right away.

Overlamping- Occurs when a light fixture is using a blub with a higher wattage than the fixture and wiring can handle. This is a very common DIY issue. The heat from the bulbs can melt the sockets, the insulation, or the wiring itself. Never try to install a light fixture yourself. If the wiring isn’t right, you can cause damage that will lead to a costly repair.