Congratulations to the Burnette Family – Our Solar Eclipse Giveaway Winners!

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Last month, we hosted a giveaway to celebrate the upcoming Solar Eclipse. The participants were to name 2 things that you’re not supposed to look directly at (one was the Eclipse and the other was a UV light) and Maureen won. I couldn’t wait to pick the winner and was blown away by Maureen’s response; Maureen immediately asked if she could, “re-gift” it to the Bujaks’ who she knew really needed it.

“It was so exciting to win something. But, it was even more exciting to give it to someone else.”… “My husband didn’t even have to blink. When I called him, he said “The Bujaks”. Our youngest, Mason, has allergies and asthma. The Bujak boys have dealt with the same. We have that in common. They have really worked hard to remodel and upgrade their home to fit their needs. This just seemed like the perfect product to add to that.”

I would like to say I am inspired that Maureen Burnette chose to share her gift with someone she felt needed it more. As a business owner, I feel it is my duty to give back to our community that has already done so much for us, but for a customer to turn away such a huge prize… WOW!

I will always remember what she said; “It feels good to do something unexpected for good people. Thank you for choosing me as the winner and for the opportunity.” She reminded me the opportunity we have each and every day to make a difference in the lives of those around us.

We proudly partner with over 100 charities including, Giving the Basics, who provide everyday essentials like deodorant, toilet paper and shampoo to those in need.

After speaking with Maureen more, it became very clear that giving is a way of life for her and her family. It is more important than ever to give back to others. It’s been a tough year for Kansas Citians and for others impacted by the hurricanes and just everyday struggles. We need each other. We need to GIVE to each other.

I just want to personally thank Maureen and her family for being such great reminders of the importance of giving. We are lucky to have amazing customers and people like the Burnette family right here in Kansas City.

If you would like to learn more about the charities we work closely with, contact us, we can make a difference together.

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