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What Plumbing Repairs Should You Never DIY?

There are many plumbing repairs and renovation tasks you should not take on alone. As a homeowner, you can probably handle minor upkeep items, but there are a few jobs you should leave for the pros. Let’s cover the various repair tasks you should and should not do with your plumbing. Plumbing Repairs You Should […]

What are the Signs Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance?

You should never ignore the telltale signs your water heater needs maintenance. By not addressing things in time, you risk flooding your home, or incurring other costly repairs. Continue reading to find out how you can preempt serious trouble by catching the early red flags. Pay Attention to These Critical Signs Your Water Heater Needs […]

Does Your Kansas City Sump Pump Need to be Replaced?

Bob Hamilton offers thorough and expedient Kansas City sump pump service for residential customers. Sump pumps are like other motorized equipment, which only last so long before they require replacement. How do you know when to do this? We’ll give advice on that and offer our professional assistance for this important task. What is a […]

Common Plumbing Issues in Kansas City

Now, we want to check out the most common plumbing issues you’re likely to encounter in Kansas City. This will cover everything from a clogged toilet or sink to repairing worn-out pipes and fixtures. Plumbing is a complex but critical part of your home’s infrastructure, so don’t neglect these problems for long. Bob Hamilton is […]

6 Plumbing Tips for First Time Homeowners

Moving into your first home is the best feeling ever! Although it comes with a new sense of freedom, being a first-time homeowner means that you must take care of everything from plumbing to cleaning. While most new homeowners find it exciting to learn things such as painting or installing flooring, they seem to always […]