Bob Hamilton Aids Disabled Senior Citizen in Need

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Bob Hamilton Aids Disabled Senior Citizen in Need

…And Why Craigslist Plumbers aren’t always the right choice

Last week, Bob Hamilton received a message from local senior citizen, Ms. Foster, requesting help with her plumbing. Almost 2 years ago, Ms. Foster started experiencing backups in her sink. She  used a Craigslist- type plumber who came out for a low price to see what was going on. After 2 hours of snaking the drains, the Craigslist plumber was unable to offer a diagnosis. He told her that she would need to replace her pipes for a total of $2,000. He could not tell her which pipes he needed to replace or that it would resolve the  drainage issue.

bob-hamilton-assists-senior-citizenBeing disabled and on a fixed income, Ms. Foster could not afford the work. The plumber left her and her sink pipes unhooked and never returned. After several phone calls to other companies, Ms. Foster still had an unclear solution in regards to her clogged kitchen sink. For almost 2 years, Ms. Foster had been using a 5 gallon bucket to catch her sink water which she then had to empty by hand.

Ms. Foster’s worsening disability no longer allows her to lift and empty the 5 gallon bucket which lead to the phone call she made last week. After trying several other well known companies, she gave Bob Hamilton a try. Without hesitation or further questioning, Bob Hamilton replied to Ms. Foster’s request by simply saying, “let’s get her fixed up.” The next morning, Master Plumbers Sam Drake and Paul Smith arrived at Ms. Fosters home not knowing what to expect. It didn’t take long for Drake to discover that her P-trap was clogged with grease. The Craigslist plumber had removed the P-trap and sat it to the side without examining it; resulting in the misdiagnoses. The total cost to fix the P-trap would have been very minimal Drake reported.

Drake and Smith gave Ms. Foster’s plumbing a full rooting and inspection just to make sure that everything else was functioning as it should. Drake installed a new P-Trap, a new garbage disposal, and replaced her kitchen faucet that was bandaged together and spraying water. Ms. Foster’s kitchen sink is now performing as it should. Teary eyed Ms. Foster thanked Drake and Smith; she would now be able to do the simple things she’s missed like washing her her hands, rinsing her dishes, and cleaning her produce. “Please tell Mr. Hamilton thank you for me. It’s amazing the things we take for granted. I’m just so relieved to have a working kitchen sink again,” Foster stated.

Before Drake and Smith left, they helped Ms. Foster understand what had happened and offered advice on how to keep her drains free of debris, explained what not to put down the disposal (banana peels, potato peels, egg shells, coffee grounds, and grease), winterized her outdoor spigot, and checked out a sewage smell she reported experiencing. “This is the same level of service we offer to all of our customers,” Drake said. “If we can teach them about their plumbing and the do’s and dont’s, we can help more people.”

Bob Hamilton is currently offering free 2nd opinions to all of their customers. If you’ve received a quote for a service or repair but aren’t sure if it’s correct, give Bob Hamilton Plumbing, Heating, A/C & Rooter a call today. Bob Hamilton also offers a senior citizen discount of $25 off any service.

New P-Trap

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New P-Trap & New Disposal

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