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7 Signs it’s Time for A/C Replacement

The worst time for your air conditioner to break down is when the heat is on! Repairing it constantly is often just a waste of time and money. There are a few ways to tell if it may be time to consider an A/C replacement.


Some condensation is normal for your air conditioner. But if you are finding excessive amounts of water pooling up, that could be a sign of something bigger going on.

It can cause damage to your home as well, like soaking into the foundation or ruining the floors or your furniture. If your A/C is leaking coolant, that poses a health risk and should be taken care of immediately.

No Air Flow

There may be cool air coming out of the vents but you sure aren’t feeling it moving through the home or the room. This could be caused by a blockage inside or an issue with the compressor.

Additionally, there may be one room in your house that feels like the Arctic, while standing in the next room over makes you sweat. Uneven airflow could be caused by a blockage or something coming apart inside the unit.

Blowing Warm

Perhaps your airflow is okay but the air is coming out warm. This could be any number of issues inside the unit, from the compressor to experiencing low coolant levels. This is an issue that could have multiple different resolutions.

Loud Noises

Perhaps there are strange sounds coming from the unit. Grinding, thumping, a large bang followed by silence or anything that makes you sit up and go “Hmm, that doesn’t sound right.” Any clunking or noise that sounds like the unit is working far too hard is likely a sign that it is time for an A/C replacement. Especially if the unit is older or has not been serviced on a regular basis, noises and smells could be signs that the A/C is starting to experience performance issues.

Bad Smells

If there is an odor, or a burning or hot smell. Even worse would be smelling something moldy, rotten, or mildewy. This is not normal and should be addressed.

You Need Constant Repairs

If you have had to have repairs done to the air conditioner more than a few times, it is likely getting past its prime. Repairing a newer unit is fine but if it is an older air conditioner, at a certain point pouring money back into something you’ll have to replace anyways stops making fiscal sense.

It can be more expensive to repair the older unit than to simply replace it. If your A/C needs the same repairs year after year, it may be time to look into upgrading.

The Air Conditioner Is Old

Air conditioners should last 8-12 years. It may be using up far more energy than is actually worth it. A newer unit will focus on better energy consumption and will work far better.

Regular Maintenance

It’s a smart idea to have your unit checked out by a professional every year. A spring checkup will let you know if there is anything wrong that will end up being a problem during the summer.

You can also get a pretty good idea of how the unit will fare for the busy season when you turn it on for the first time. You will hear noises you shouldn’t, find any new leaks, or see if it is running properly.

Getting a professional to check it out and give it an all-over inspection is the best way to prevent trouble down the road. If there are A/C repairs needed, ask about the price of an A/C replacement rather than paying for repairs that may be needed again, very soon.

Give us a call and one of our comfort consultants will be happy to come out and check out your current setup. They’ll look at the size and capacity of your existing A/C, ductwork, and home. They’ll talk about the new products that come along with many of the new energy-efficient units, such as UV light air purifiers and humidifiers. Our comfort consultants have 60+ years in the business!